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October 2012

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SQs to go to Mars!

NASA researchers are making next generation aerogels from long polyimides crosslinked with octaaminophenyl silsesquioxanes (OAPS) to form highly porous (90%) structures that are temperature resistant (400°C), flexible, and 500 times stronger than traditional silica aerogels. NASA plans to use these SQ based aerogels as insulation materials in space suits for future trips to Mars. Current space suits won't stand up to the Red Planet's low-pressure atmosphere because the layers of metal film would collapse and allow heat transfer.


Read the full article here.


OAPS (Ph-6 Compound) for sale on Mayaterials website




High Purity Silicon 


Mayaterials has begun producing ultra-pure silicon (99.9999%) with extremely low heavy metal content from biogenic sources. Our novel processing techniques use fewer chemicals and lower energy, compared to the traditional Siemens process, to convert agricultural waste into high purity polysilicon feedstock for photovoltaic and electronics applications. The production costs are significantly lower than conventional silicon production thus creating an attractive business opportunity.


For inquires, please contact us here.


Non-Stick Coatings as Semi-Permanent Mold Release  


Through our joint venture, Eximo Coatings, Mayaterials has created new multi-functional silsesquioxane based coating systems. Eximo—which is Latin for "to release"— is currently providing non-stick abrasion resistant coatings as semi-permanent mold release coatings for the tooling industry with success on molds for forming parts made from rubbers, sheet molding compound, polyurethanes, and silicones. One application of our nanocomposite coating can eliminate the need for frequent spraying of traditional release agents for months as well as reduce cleaning and scrap rates.


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Analytical Services at Mayaterials


Mayaterials offers many analytical services listed below and on our website. Typical lead time is 2-3 days for a small quantity of samples. Depending on number of samples, same day analysis is available for some techniques.


For pricing and availability please contact us here.






New Product Line: T-Cages


Mayaterials announces the launch of its latest silsesquioxane product line: "T-Cages". This family of compounds consists of T8, T10, and T12 silsesquioxanes (SQs) with vinyl, phenyl, and thiol functionalities. The idealized structures are shown below. We also have systems with mixed functionalities. Currently, we offer a 1:1 ratio of vinyl/phenyl and thiol/phenyl, but we can customize the ratio upon request.


TC-1: Vinyl T10/T12 SQ


TC-2: Phenyl T12 SQ 


TC-3: Thiol T8/T10 SQ


Click here for T-Cages quantities and pricing.




New Building Facade Materials


Mayaterials has expanded its insulation related R&D efforts to include facade materials. In addition to vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), Mayaterials has developed a low density insulating building facade material that doesn't require vacuum packaging. The new materials are silica based panels that have been "weatherproofed" by Mayaterials' unique SQ based coating systems. These novel coatings are hard, adherent, and hydrophobic in addition to being thermally, mechanically, and oxidatively stable. Water literally bounces off of the surface!


See video demonstrations here.


Water droplet contact angles >150°

Vinyl T10/T12 Silsesquioxanes

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Mayaterials announces a new product line, Vinyl T10/T12 Silsesquioxanes

October 7, 2010

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Mayaterials announces the start of its USDA funded Phase II SBIR for “Conversion of Agricultural Waste into High Quality Insulation for Energy Conservation”

During Phase I, Mayaterials’ researchers made low-density, 0.35 – 0.55 g/cm3, materials derived from rice hull ash (RHA) to be used as cores in vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). RHA is an abundant, 100 M ton/yr worldwide, agricultural waste material produced as a byproduct from burning rice hulls, which is also a byproduct of rice production.

VIPs consist of a rigid core encapsulated in a gas-tight envelope from which air is evacuated. The envelope prevents air from reentering and the core keeps the walls from collapsing. The encapsulated vacuum greatly reduces the conduction and convection of heat; therefore, it is desirable for the core to be highly micro(nano)porous while maintaining high structural integrity.

During Phase I, Mayaterials produced robust cores and complete VIPs, as shown in the photo below, with a high thermal resistance of R-20/in. Current home insulation materials, such as polystyrene and polyurethane, have R-values of 3-7/in.

These successes have led to a Phase II ($400k) award from the U.S. Dept of Agriculture starting Sept. 30th to scale the facile processing techniques to produce large cores and optimize envelope technology. The ease of manufacture and low-cost starting materials combined with the potential energy savings make these VIPs an economically competitive green technology.

February 2009

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Mayaterials announces its first spin off “EXIMO Hard coatings” on February 20, 2009.

Eximo (means release in Latin) will develop nano-engineered hard coatings for applications ranging from semi-permanent mold release agents to icephobic, hydrophobic and corrosion resistant coatings.

July 2008

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Mayaterials announces a new Ph-product Octa(dibromophenyl)silsesquioxane (Ph-10). See Phenyls

June 2008

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Mayaterials has placed the following advertisement in the Chemical and Engineering News:

June 2007

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Mayaterials announces a whole new product line, Janus cubes, which are the equivalent of molecular double sided sticky tape. See information on the Janus cubes web page.

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